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Interests: Musician, Comedian, Model, Actor/Actress
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Age: Middle School
Location: NJ
Country: United States
Weight: 217 lbs
Height: 5'11"
Waist 38
Hair: Black
Eyes Brown
Body Type: About Average
Ethnicity: Black/African descent
Pants: 38/34
Suit: 41s
Shoe: 11

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Type of Acting roles I'm interested in: Villain/Evil, Regular Guy/Gal, Nerd, Jester/Comedian, Innocent, Hero/Heroine, Extra, Best Friend, All-American
Type of Modeling I'm interested in: Specialty Models, Fit Models, Commercial Print, Children & Teens, Catalog
Type of Sports I'm interested in: Volleyball, Swimming, Cricket, Bowling, Basketball

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Title/Name - Role - Venue - Director/Producer/Studio/Coach


Great Kevini - Steven/Supporting - New York - Tina Braz/Columbia University

Prez - Omar/Supporting - New York - William Stefan Smith/NYU


School - Instructor - Class - Location - Duration

- - - -

SAG AFTRA Young Performers Workshop - Barry Shapiro - On Cmera, Cold Reading - NYC - 1 week

BIH Studios/NuStars - Brooke Bundy - TV/Film/OnCamera/Commercials - NYC - 6 months

BackBeat Music Studios - Dan Araujo - Drums - New Jersey - 2 years

United Family Martial Arts - Master Lee - Tae Kwondo - New Jersey - 1 year

Shetler Studios - Amy Gossels - Acting Workshop - NYC - 1 week

Ann Ratray - Ann Ratray - TV/Film - NYC - 3 months

One on One - Matthew Bonifacio - OnCamera/Voiceover/Improv - NYC - 1 year

- - - -


Language - Spoken - Written

English - Expert - Intermediate

English - -

English - -

English - -

Other Skills

Skill Type - How long? - Education from?

Drummer - 4 - BackBeat Studios

Tae Kwonda - 2 - United Family Martial Arts

Press Release/Events

Press Release

Life as an Entrepreneur: Success, People, Power an

Saturday, May 26, 2012
Last week I met with an actor that I thought was very talented and he wasn't even trying to be. It was more like he just wanted to be himself and at the same time allowed me to see his talent without pushing it in my face. He was charming, sincere, no nonsense and very smart for his age. His name is Omar Kelly and he is at the tender age of 13 at the moment. This young man has done television, film, print work, theater and I heard some of his voice overs as well. I watched a clip that was on his Youtube page and it had me laughing so hard I almost had tears in my eyes. His attitude was easy going and very laid back as he was getting ready to go into his acting class. I asked Omar questions and he answered them honestly and quickly while he listened for his class to be called. I was in the "One on One" acting studio at 34 West 26th Street with Omar's mom Linda and she was a delight to talk to as she waited for her son to come out of class. Omar is already part of SAG-AFTRA and he is represented by the Shirley Grant Management Agency (SGM) and some of his hobbies are Hip Hop dancing, Martial Arts, Swimming, Beat Boxing, Drums also he can imitate voices and more. He explained to me that he likes comedy and some of his favorite comedians are Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry and he would like to meet Chris Rock. One of the most important questions that I asked him was "What advice would you give other young actors coming up?" Omar's answer was 'Be confident!' and believe me he is very confident about himself and what he wants. Omar will be speaking with me in an radio interview and he will also be coming on the TV show (TBA soon). In the meantime you can read up on him on his website http://www.omarkelly.org/ and connect and follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/JaleelOmar You can also find out quite a bit of information at his IMDB page at http://www.imdb.me/omarkelly and you can check out his videos on his Youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/Kellyls1

When you get a chance check out his pages out if you are a Director, Casting Director, Fan or more!!!
I could write more but I will save all of the big talk for the shows so you get all the information straight from Omar.

To Linda, You are a wonderful mom, intelligent and very sincere with your goals and help towards your son.

There need to be an award for people like you who push others to the height of their lives without asking for anything in return except love. You have shown me that diligence, understanding and confidence with a huge dash of love goes a long way. Bless you Linda and I do wish you and your son much success!


Who Got the Part?

Omar Kelly

A public service announcement for the School of Visual Arts

By Sri Gordon

January 26, 2010

Barely two weeks after setting up a profile in BackStage.com's talent database, 10-year-old Omar Kelly was cast from his picture and résumé in "What's Going On," a public service announcement about nutrition for New York's School of Visual Arts. The PSA was set up as a game show in which contestants were asked questions about their eating habits. Depending on their answers, they would receive a positive or negative response from a drill sergeant character.

"When I first walked onto the set, I thought it was cool," Kelly says. "We were just regular kids answering questions." He was asked what he had for dinner, and "they told me to say I had cookies, and then the sergeant got mad and threw a box and told me to do pushups."

Overall, the shoot was a fun and positive experience, he says: "Everybody was happy, laughing and everything. Before the final taping, the whole stage was full of laughter. I was the funniest. It was great and funny, and I felt alive."

According to director Ross Baldisserotto, Kelly brought a sense of professionalism and lightness to the set that was quite advanced for his years: "Casting Omar was a very smart decision on my part. His maturity level exceeded his age, and he came with great enthusiasm and dedication. Not only did Omar come prepared to act, but he brought humor, which made the shoot fun between takes. For being so young, I was surprised to see how much of a natural talent Omar had. He made everyone's day easier by giving his full potential all day."

Kelly currently trains at an acting studio for film and television, where he is learning how to become more comfortable in front of the camera. "I learned how to not be shy or anything. I was a teensy bit shy when I was on camera," he says. "I thought I was going to mess up sometimes. Usually they just let us have a camera and they give us parts." He also receives instruction on how to manage his career in the entertainment industry. They "usually talk about how to become an actor and get an agent and everything else like that."

When he performed in church and school productions, it became clear that Kelly was naturally inclined toward comedy, says his mother, Linda: "He loves to make people laugh. Everybody was laughing on the set. It was really nice."

Kelly views this project as a further steppingstone toward a multifaceted career, eventually in film and television and perhaps even voiceovers for cartoons. "I just want to be an actor for my life," he says. "I would like to be a regular in a famous sitcom and some funny movies."