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Warning: There is a company out there that uses booths at malls and makes money by charging $500-1400 in photographs and they promise to get you jobs. This is a complete ripoff. If you know any other scams or photographers that rip people off, please let us know so we can warn people.

You can get great headshots for under $200 depending on the photographer but normally it does not include a make-up artist. If it includes a makeup artist and stylist, it could run you up to $500+. However, do not sacrifice quality for price. You do need to shop around and see who you like. The best way to find out who is good is to ask other actors/models. Below we listed sites that we feel will help you find a good photographer. In addition, we included our own recommendations.



*Talent & Skills Recommendations*

Sometimes it is hard to find good prices with good quality. Talent & Skills will help make it easier for you to find people. We will be recommending people to you. We have worked with these individuals and we highly recommend them because of their professionalism, prices, and quality. If you want to see your name on this list, send us your portfolio link by contacting us



These are photographers we highly recommend because of their quality and price.



Studio7NYC (Photographer and Make up Duo) - Portrait/Headshots, Glamour Shots, Weddings, Composites, etc....

Ettible Photography - Casual shots, Portrait/headshots, Events shots, Weddings.



Jeffrey Roland Photographer for Talent & Skills - Headshots, Event shots, etc..

Find his page on

Portfolio coming soon



Still Mill Photography - is a division of Dream Be-Live Productions. They specialize in image and branding photography. |



Snapexpressions - Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Headshots, etc...


Rey Caparros Photography - Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Headshots, etc...Serving So. Jersey/Philly Area


Make-up Artists

Lisa of All Trades (NY/NJ/PA/DE)

She has done several shoots for Talent & Skills: Talent & Skills' 2013 Swimsuit Calendar, Colorful Angels, etc.. Pictures are on Talent & Skills Fan Page


Caroline Burns Make-up Artist (NY/Hoboken, NJ area)


Set Designer

The following Set Designer is available for work in New York, Philly, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Tasha Dee - She has done set designs for Talent & Skills: Sun Never Rises, Blue Walls, Talent & Skills' 2013 Swimsuit Calendar, You can find her work also on Talent & Skills Fanpage


Talent & Skills offers affordable packages headshots/composites, makeup services, wardrobe, and set design to talent and industry professionals in the NY/PA/NJ/DE/DC USA. In addition, we will guide you in your poses and give you great tips in the entertainment industry. Email us directly for more details Contact us.

PS We are also constantly looking to collaborate with other photographers, and videographers.


Video Reels

We recommend these two if you need a video reel specialists:


*Everyone's opinions will be different. These are Talent & Skills' recommendations. Take it or leave it.

"Good Talent is hard to find. Not anymore."

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